Welcome to the official website of the Shandong Airlines Formosa Petrochemical Co!

Enterprise strength——Power cast a century brand

  • Base oil tank:Nearly million tons of basic oil storage capacity。Refined oil tank:Nearly 3000 tons of refined oil reserves。Filling capacity:8 full automatic production line。Technical force:Technical consultant from the China Petroleum Science and Research Institute, Dr. engaged in the oil industry for more than 20 years.Technical test:200 multi - level large laboratory, the use of imported chemical testing equipment。

The real (六大理由)

Quality assurance——High quality standard

  • First class base oil and additives are the key to determine the quality of lubricating oil. To this end, we are in the global range,Taking international scale as consideration,Carefully select the first tier suppliers products, to provide our customers a steady stream。At present, we have reached a long-term strategic cooperation with the worlds leading oil and additive suppliers,Will come from all over the world, the quality of the raw materials, processed into high quality lubricating oil。

Personal Tailor——Personalized demand plan

  • Royal Air lubricating oil devaluation private custom program, each a product can be were personalized details of innovation, to customer demand idea of private custom for the purpose, stand in the height of the service-oriented enterprises, strategizing, leading the future!

Three package policy support

  • Commitment to the companyQA,The operation of the goods within the period of time if the quality problems caused by equipment failure,Verification by the third party authority,Provide free repair, return service。

Service support

  • National customer service hotline:400-626-5688,Unified receive and record customer information。Advanced service quality, from the information received to customer satisfaction are incorporated into the companys relevant evaluation criteriaUnified service management regulations and standards, to ensure that customers can enjoy professional, efficient, caring service。

Cooperation Cases


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